Continuous reflection on our teaching practice is critical for us to be able to be able grow in our profession. Without growth, we cannot give our students the best possible instruction and learning.

Below is a list of articles and a set of links for you to skim. After completing your self-assessment on the teacher continuum, please choose the one that most supports your growth opportunity. Check your coach's page on SharePoint
for complete assignment instructions.

Determine what level you are in your teaching. What do you need to focus on to grow to a higher level? Who's That Teacher.pdf

How well are you preparing your students for a world yet to be imagined? How do you know your students will be empowered with 21st century skills? 21st Century Skills September 2009.rtf

Do your grading practices accurately reflect what you value most for your students? Does your grading practice reflect students' learning? Grading What Matters November 2009.rtf

How might you improve your teaching through reflection? How might you become more reflective in your practice? Becoming a Reflective Teacher.pdf

How might you use video games as an effective tool in your classroom? Why should you care about games? Why Educators Should Care About Games September 2009 (Recovered).doc

How might teaching through a controversial issue strengthen the learning in your classroom? Teaching with Controversy September 2009.rtf

How effectively are you promoting learning for the digital generation in your classroom? Focusing the Digital Brain September 2009.rtf

What are exemplar teachers doing to effectively teach readings? What I've Learned About Effective Reading Instruction.pdf

What makes a good question? How effective is the questioning in your classroom? Insufficient Questioning.pdf

Check out these links to facilitate deeper reflection on your teaching:
Reflection Tool
Exploring Your Classroom Practice
Reflecting on My Teaching Practice
Reflecting with a Cracked Mirror.mht
Sites for Resources
Online Research-Based Practices

Professional Development Induction